Year-end statistics provided by the ministry to the Department of Public Information (DPI) revealed that the NCP expanded its capacity by forming 149 new groups in several regions across Guyana.

Members of a community policing group

This is critical since policing groups play an essential part in crime prevention in remote and rural communities.

Communities in Moruca and Mabaruma in Region One, Orealla and Siparuta in Region Eight, and Lethem in Region Nine were beneficiaries of new policing groups that will serve in their best interest.

With the formation of the new groups, the total number of community policing groups has moved to 353, with a total membership of 7,425.

Not only were new groups formed, but the government provided necessary tools to the various groups to help them effectively serve their various communities.

Policing groups in Regions One, Six, Seven, and Nine received outboard engines and boats, while ATVs were distributed in Mahdia, Lethem, Mabaruma, and Linden to facilitate patrols in their communities.

In addition, 20 motorcycles were assigned to CPG liaison officers in different communities, and eight brush cutters were distributed to liaison officers in Mabaruma, Bartica, Lethem, Linden, C2, and A2 Divisions.

Also, 13 women groups were formed with 250 members and 41 youth groups with 1, 090 members in communities across Guyana. (Extracted from the Department of Public Information)


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