However, some seven families are yet to relocate, thereby stalling the construction of the roadway.

Housing and Water Minister, Collin Croal

Final notices were issued to the remaining residents by the Ministry of Housing and Water’s Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA), for their removal from the area earmarked for this major infrastructural development.

Housing and Water Minister, Collin Croal while addressing the issue during a live interview Wednesday night, reaffirmed government’s commitment to resolving the matter with the remaining residents, to proceed with the construction of the four-lane road.

The minister reemphasised that houses are available at Little Diamond for the remaining persons to occupy immediately.

“We have said to all of these persons that removal has to be immediate and the removal is imminent. We have made the houses available for all of these remaining seven persons…This offer is still available. The ministry’s door is still open to engage. So, it is not too late,” he said.

Minister Croal noted, “We have gone the extra mile. Right now… [if] they decide that they want to relocate and they want to occupy that house, the keys are available to them to relocate.”

On Tuesday, several opposition members joined forces to prevent the CH&PA from evicting Mocha squatters who are impeding the construction of the four-lane road.

Minister Croal indicated that this move to impede development, is ‘wicked and mischievous’ and is enabling the squatters to remain on the government’s reserve.

“I want to make this call to those persons, do not continue to be misled by the opposition’s political elements,” the housing minister urged.

The minister explained that, “Reserves are always a part of our design for expansion. Equally important, in some cases, reserves are kept for drainage network, ingress, and egress. And so, for that entire corridor, it was easy for us to use that alignment. And so, it was always as a reserve. So, it was never, it was never owned by anyone else but the state…And so, all of this is to ensure that they are trying to stymie the efforts of this PPP/C government to bring development for our people, to bring a better livelihood for our people.”

In 2009, an occupational survey was done by CH&PA.

In 2021, CH&PA engaged 35 families from Cane View on their relocation to prepare for the four-lane road.

Extensive consultations were done to ensure the residents were relocated to developed housing schemes at Farm and Herstelling on the East Bank, equipped with all the amenities that will lead to their enhanced livelihoods.

Some of the residents have been resettled in a more cohesive, sustainable and safe community.

The compensation process and agreements were signed in December 2021 and their existing properties were valued at the current market price by the finance ministry’s valuation division.

To date, some $250 million has been expended as compensation to 27 persons along with over $6 million compensation for crops.

Lands, assistance and titles were made available to the residents free of cost. (Department of Public Information)


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