Residents of Werk-en-Rust, Charlestown and other areas surrounding the Princess Street Koker are advised to take the necessary precautions as the rising tide has caused some difficulties in the replacement of the Koker door, resulting in notable flooding.

Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill, led a team from the ministry’s Sea Defence Department to the area, where he gave the assurance that a collaborative effort will see work being conducted to resolve the issue.

The minister visited several affected areas, informing them of the issue and urging them to take precautions

He said, “We’re in the peak of the tide, and they have encountered difficulty. In some instances where I have just inspected, the water has already started to come into some people’s yards, and even those who are living on the bottom flats could be affected.”

He noted that the team had begun to replace the wooden Koker door with a steel one for added strength. This task had been in progress since Saturday last, but difficulties arose with the tide.

Several communities are flooded as a result of the damaged Koker

As a result, the door was unable to stop the onslaught of water from filling the drains.

“All the engineers from the drainage and irrigation authority, with support from the ministry, are here. A solution will be found as soon as the tide changes, I am advised that they will take out the steel door, and they will put back in the old wooden door as a mechanism until they can get the challenge they have faced rectified.”

Meanwhile, he engaged with some residents in an affected community, informing them of the situation and urging them to take the necessary precautions. The team will be working assiduously to alleviate this issue once the tide turns. (Department of Public Information)


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