Criminals have become emboldened and the citizenry is living in fear. Yet, the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) government is operating as if it is business as usual, a reality that does not bode well for the reduction of crime and the safety of Guyanese.

This is the picture presented yesterday by APNU+AFC Member of Parliament (MP), Geeta Chandan- Edmond as she addressed the National Assembly during the ongoing National Budget debate.
Chandan-Edmond, who is the shadow Minister of Home Affairs, told her colleagues in the House that public security is serious business that requires serious leadership. She said that as a matter of necessity, there must be competent leadership at the Ministry of Home Affairs.

She emphasized, “If we continue to ignore the immense incompetence that sits in the chair at Brickdam, we will never be able to arrest this serious decline in public security.”
The former magistrate said that ‘choke and rob’ has become a daily norm and gunmen have become so bold that they jump out of their cars and pump bullets into their victims. She added,

“When citizens alert the police about the execution that just occurred, they simply respond by saying: ‘we have the car number.” Further, she said that gunmen are walking into homes and executing their victims in the full view of their families.
Chandan-Edmond said Guyana is now experiencing its lowest ebb, in comparison to the coalition’s term in office when people were secure and safe since crime was on the decline.

The MP said that there are several private security firms in operation which is an indication of a lack of confidence in the state to provide security.

Chandan-Edmond then turned her attention to the number of high-powered weapons in the streets saying that it is another worrying concern.

“Even our classrooms are not safe, our teachers are under assault,” said Chandan-Edmond as she stated that an intervention is badly needed.

She resolved that public security must be re-imagined in this new oil and gas paradigm. The politician said it must be considered at the cabinet level and at a national stakeholder level.

She further posited that public security, in the context of a polarized society, must be based on two key considerations: economic security and the general security of all members of society.

The MP said, unfortunately, neither form of security has been addressed in budget 2023. “As a consequence, I cannot, in good conscience, lend any hint of support to certain aspects of the budget.”



  1. “Choke & rob” was actually inherited from the PNC which encouraged the criminals, or turned a blind eye. Almost all of the victims were East Indians, of which you are one.
    And who were the perpetrators?


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