Minister of Local Government, Nigel Dharamlall during his 2023 budget presentation used the opportunity to refute claims by the opposition that the administration is blind to the realities of poor people who are struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living.

Most of Dharamlall’s fellow members on the Government’s side of the House during the debates this week placed the blame of the high cost of living at the feet of the Opposition, while others expressed the view that Guyanese are living a better life.

Dharamlall however told the House that the administration recognizes that there is a struggle in Guyana. He outlined that the measures outlined in the budget will address the needs of those who are currently facing the adverse effects of rising costs.

He assured the House that the administration has taken note of the concerns, complaints and even the distress expressed by the populace and assured that measures and plans will be formulated to mitigate any further struggles.

“We know that people still face challenges and that is why so much money is going to address these concerns… We will do what we can to cushion the burden people face all over Guyana,” Dharamlall said.

He further clarified that, “There is nothing wrong with us giving cash grants to anyone,” citing that it is still an option being reviewed at the level of government. Minister Dharamlall said that through other initiatives, the government has made attempts to address the issue of cost of living.

He however blamed the opposition, citing that while in Government, they contributed to “hardship Guyanese face today”. He explained the impact of APNU-AFC regime “neglect” still lingers today.

Meanwhile, Minister Dharamlall announced that the Mayor and City Council will receive a much-needed increase in funds from the Ministry of Local Government. He added that the machinery and other vehicles will also be procured to ensure the maintenance of the city.

He also announced that there will be significant investments in community development that will help Guyanese in their time of need.


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