With Mashramani festivities slowly approaching, a UK-based Guyanese has teamed up with a producer from Montserrat to set the tone with several beloved local Soca artistes for “The Mash Project”. According to the man behind the project, UK Based Guyanese artiste, Patrick Joseph, better known as “Pahjo”, the team is also open to bringing aspiring singers onboard for the enthralling.

Among those featured on the project are Timeka Marshall, Adrian Dutchin, and DJ Energy.

Pahjo explained that the “The Mash Project” is a musical venture geared at “putting folks in the groove” for Guyana’s 53rd Republic Anniversary celebrations. Vallis Weekes also known as “ShakerHD” is also the Producer on the project.

According to Pahjo, the “Mash Project” is a dedication to a pledge made to himself to give back to Guyana’s music industry by any means possible. He is desirious of achieving this by working with local singers.

“When Shaker sent me this Riddim, I heard it and I said this was perfect for us, everything just sounded like home and I was like, ‘Shaker, what’s your intention with this? ‘ And he said ‘nothing’ and I was like nah I wanna actually do something for home targeting Mash,” he said.

Pahjo said that he then took the opportunity to use his songwriting skills and wrote three songs for the project. He is hopeful that with this exposure he would be able to work with other Guyanese singers to help them improve their writing.

“If we are being honest, some of them do need assistance in their writing, they’ve got the voice, they’ve got the cadence to sing but it’s sometimes it’s just how they go about producing their music and packaging it,” says Pahjo

Pahjo who is also an artiste on the project said he teamed up with Kady Kish to give fans one called “Stress-Free Fete”. Kady shared her excitement for the project and noted that it was always her dream to work with some of the artists involved.

The riddim also features a collaborative song with the entire cast entitled Mashramani. The “Mash Project” is available on every digital streaming platform for fans’ listening pleasure.



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