Swift and decisive action by police ranks in Regional Division 4’A’ has resulted in the recovery of a motorcar that three men hijacked during an armed robbery on Camp Street, Georgetown, on Monday. The stolen vehicle was tracked down by police and found in a yard in Albouystown.

The alleged armed robbery was committed on Stephen Clarke, a 33-year-old of Diamond, EBD. He was robbed of one silver grey Allion motor car bearing registration number PRR 5212 and valued at $1.8M. Wilfred Abrams of Sophia is the owner of the vehicle.

The armed robbery occurred on February, 6, 2023, at about 18:00 hrs at Camp Street and Brickdam by three identifiable men, one of whom was armed with a knife.

Investigations so far revealed that the victim operates the said car (private hire) at Diamond, EBD. He transported a passenger from Diamond to Georgetown (Timehri bus park), and a woman hired him to take her to Camp and Brickdam Streets while at the park.

The victim said three men entered the car after dropping the woman off. One of the men sat in the front seat, and the other two in the vehicle’s back seat. The man in the front seat then placed a knife to his neck and told him to exit the car. The men then took control of the vehicle and drove off, making good their escape.

However, due to swift action by the police, the car was recovered in the yard of Zezeka Yaris, a 43-year-old waitress and Roscoe Carter, a 43-year-old security guard, both of Lot 156 Cooper Street, Albouystown.

When questioned about the car, Yaris claimed that her father who lives in ‘B’ Field Sophia, brought the vehicle and told her to keep it for him. He also left the key with her. Carter, meanwhile, denied having any knowledge about the vehicle.

Both Yaris and Carter were arrested and escorted to the Brickdam Police Station. The car was lodged as investigations continue.


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