A 40-year-old housewife from Bounty Hall, Essequibo Coast, was arrested on Thursday by Police ranks from Regional Police Division 2, after 451 grams of cocaine was found in her home.

The police ranks, at about 17:25hrs yesterday, acted on information received and went to the home of the 40-year-old woman, Brenda Charles.

When they arrived at the house, the woman was in the upper storey of her home. The ranks informed her that they were there to search for narcotics and unlawful articles, to which she agreed.

The woman immediately went to her sofa and took out a white and red ceramic plate containing a quantity of whitish rock-like substance and handed it over to the police ranks.

She further picked up a black plastic bag containing 39 pieces of whitish rock-like substance and handed it over as well.

She was told of the offence committed and cautioned. She replied: “Sir, it’s me own, ah buy it from a man.”

The woman was arrested and escorted to the Anna Regina Police Station, where the two sets of cocaine were weighed in her presence and amounted to 26.5 grams and 424.5 grams, respectively, for a total of 451 grams.

The cocaine was marked, sealed and lodged at the Anna Regina Police Station.

The suspect was placed in custody, pending charges.


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