Police are investigating the murder of Surajpaul Etwaroo, a 38-year-old Construction Worker of Lot 380 Good Hope, Phase One, East Coast Demerara, which occurred at about 17:30 hrs on Friday last at Sideline Road, Good Hope.

The murder suspect, who is from Stanleytown, West Bank Demerara, was later arrested by police and is presently in custody assisting with the investigation.

Guyana Standard understands that Etwaroo was killed during an altercation.

The 38-year-old and the suspect were trading chops when the later pulled a knife from waist of his pants and retaliated.

The suspect picked up a baton and dealt Surujpaul a lash causing him to drop his cutlass. The suspect then picked up the cutlass on the ground and dealt Surujpaul several chops to his abdomen. The suspect also used his knife and stabbed the victim several times about his body as he lay motionless on the ground with his intestine protruding from his abdomen. The suspect then got on his cycle, rode north, and escaped the scene.

Surujpaul was then picked up from off the road and transported by his brother to a city Hospital. He died while receiving medical attention.

The scene was processed and photographed by police ranks. Investigations are ongoing.


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