Guyana Shore Base Inc. (GYSBI) which has been servicing ExxonMobil’s operations offshore, has recorded a milestone of zero Lost Time Injuries (LTI) for the past 1000 Days.

LTI refers to an injury sustained on the job by an employee, which results in the loss of productive work time. Lost time injuries encompass both temporary injuries that keep the employee away from work for a day as well as permanent disabilities and conditions that prevent the employee from ever returning to the job or performing their regular work tasks.

Deputy General Manager of GYSBI, Rabin Chandarpal said this achievement is not by chance, but rather demonstrates an enduring and all rounded commitment by the Management and Staff of the company to protect its greatest assets, its people.

“This is a remarkable achievement in any industry, anywhere in the world. Safety doesn’t happen by chance but through focus and an all-round commitment from our team and our clients. Our operations are a testament to investment in infrastructure, best-in-class fleet of equipment, and the necessary maintenance and expertise and management systems needed to upkeep them.

“Our in-house and third-party training and certification programmes also allow us to harness the greatest of our resources, the staff of GYSBI. Every one of our staff comes to GYSBI under the umbrella of unwavering safety,” he said.

Andy Dowson, GYSBI’s QHSSE Manager, said that the oil and gas sector, with its high-paced environment requires strict adherence to safety practices. He noted that when all elements are considered – including having a workforce of more than 700 workers, most of whom are Guyanese and new to the oil and gas sector, a 155 acres facility, and working thousands of hours – successfully managing all these components simultaneously makes reaching this achievement truly remarkable.

“This incredible milestone could not have been achieved without the exceptional teamwork and attention to detail by our dedicated and committed staff. What really matters for us at the end of the day is that everybody goes home safe. We do not compromise on safety. As a world-class shore base and logistics provider, safety governs every aspect of how we do business. I am very proud of our impressive achievement and extend my congratulations to our team,” he said.

In 2022, GYSBI copped two first places and one second place at the Government of Guyana/ Ministry of Labour’s 2022 Occupational Health and Safety Awards.

GYSBI remains the largest shore base throughout the country and provides employment for 705 persons, 95 percent of whom are local Guyanese.  Its US$25M Heavy Lift Berths were recently commissioned by President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali.


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