The number of accidents that have occured for the year has increased by 100% when compared to the same reporting period for 2022. This is according to statistics from the Guyana Police Force.

The force said that for the period January 1 to February 18, 2023, 16 persons were killed compared with 8 for 2022.

It was further noted that pedestrian fatalities increased by 25% when compared to the same period last year. The force also said that approximately 44% of motorcyclists were killed during the same period compared to last year.

Comparative data have also shown that as of February 18, 2023, 16 persons were killed on the roadways as a result of 14 accidents, when compared with the same period for 2022 when 8 persons died via 7 accidents.

What is also alarming, is that in 2022, 5 of the 8 persons killed during that period were the most vulnerable classes of road users (2 pedal cyclists, 1 motorcyclist and 2 pedestrians). On February 18, 2023, of the 13 killed, the vulnerable classes accounted for 16 (2 pedal cyclists, 7 motorcyclists, 4 pedestrians).

According to the data provided, as of February 18, 2023, 41 serious accidents were recorded, while 39 serious accidents occurred during the same period in 2022, indicating a 5% increase in serious accidents in 2023 when compared to 2022.

The statistics also indicate that fatal accidents occur primarily on Sundays and Fridays between the hours of 18:00 and 05:59, with male drivers accounting for 81% of all deaths.

A further review of more measures to promote road safety is currently being undertaken through a collaborative effort by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Guyana Police Force, the Traffic Department, the Guyana Revenue Authority, and the Ministry of Education.


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