Region Four Chairman, Daniel Seeram has reiterated his call for the removal of Regional Executive Officer (REO) Donald Gajraj from his post as he has failed to be forthcoming about the details of various projects.

In fact, Seeram said he is considering legal action in an effort to compel the REO to submit several requested documents to the regional office.

During a press conference today, the Chairman outlined a plethora of allegations, all of which suggest that the REO might be involved in “blatant corruption”.

Seeram said that among the requests made by the district’s representative was for the REO to provide a report to the Works Committee of the Regional Democratic Council, including copies of signed contracts, bills of quantity, status report on projects and access to the Regional Engineer to update the committee on other matters relating the works in the district.

In addition, the REO was asked to ensure that Heads of Programmes submit monthly reports to the RDC Council meetings. Seeram alleged that to date, no report from any Heads of Programme was submitted; even though these requests were made since 2021.

The Regional Chairman noted too that the reluctance of the REO is a “manifestation of incompetence” and results in inefficiencies that exist in the region.

“A request was also made for him to stop using his office to facilitate the payment of contractors and ensure the Sub-Treasury functions effectively without interference from him. This is yet another Another that teems with potential for corruption,” Seeram said.

Seeram said the requests have so far been met with hostility. He called for Gajraj to he held accountable for his actions.

“This situation is teeming with potential for corruption and the waste of the resources of our Region… Immediate action must be taken to hold Mr. Gajraj accountable for his inaction, infractions and to ensure that the decisions made by the council are implemented without further delay. The people of this region deserve better than a politically partisan public servant who refuses to carry out the mandates of the elected officials,” Seeram said.

The Regional Chairman also spoke about the highly publicized, microphone snatching incident, which took place at the region’s annual Republic Day observance.

Seeram told the media that the incident is just one of many callous acts displayed by the REO. When asked by Guyana Standard whether he has received an update on the possibility of criminal charges being filed against Gajraj, Seeram said the statements have already been taken by the police.

“That report was made on Thursday and then on Friday I received a call from the police and then today, I went to the station to give a statement on the incident. I am awaiting further instructions from the police on this matter,” Seeram said.

He then was asked by this news outlet to say how the council plans to deal with Gajraj, who has since shown reluctance to provide several pieces of documentation to the council for perusal. Seeram said, “We may have to take legal action against Mr. Gajraj and we are reviewing that option.”


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