ExxonMobil Corporation through its subsidiary, Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL) is awaiting environmental authorization from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a 35 multi-well exploration and appraisal drilling campaign in the Stabroek Block, offshore Guyana.

The company’s Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) is currently being reviewed by the EPA.

Guyana Standard understands that the objective of the project will be to further explore and appraise the hydrocarbon reserves of the Stabroek Block The exact locations of the 35 wells comprising the project have not been finalized.

While some of the wells will be drilled for exploration purposes, EEPGL said it is also possible that some of the wells may be drilled as appraisal wells within the proximity of previously drilled exploration areas.

The subsidiary said onshore logistical support facilities and marine/aviation services will be used to support the Project. EEPGL also said it will use proven and good international industry practices and has incorporated many embedded controls into the overall Project design to reduce environmental and socioeconomic impacts. The company said it could take several years to drill the wells, currently scheduled from the third quarter of 2023 through 2028.

It said the project is being developed to discover new and evaluate existing recoverable hydrocarbons from reservoirs in the Stabroek Block, thereby enabling potential future development projects.

Two producing Stabroek development projects have thus far brought more than $208 trillion (more than US$1 billion ) in direct revenue to Guyana to date. These petroleum operations have created opportunities for more than 4,400 Guyanese workers who currently support project activities onshore and offshore, and for more than 1,000 local companies who have received more than $147 billion (more than $700 million USD) from spending on these projects. This project is expected to add to these opportunities.


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