As we celebrate the festival of Phagwah, we are reminded of the importance of unity, love, and respect for one another. This festival brings people of all backgrounds and beliefs together, to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, and the arrival of spring.

However, as we celebrate this festival, we cannot ignore the challenges and struggles that we face as a nation. Our country is in a state of political and economic crisis, with corruption, discrimination, and injustice becoming more prevalent. It is, therefore, important that we come together as a united people, to demand change and progress.

As a political Party in opposition, we remain committed to fighting for the rights and interests of all Guyanese. We believe in a Guyana that is free from discrimination, corruption, and oppression. We believe in a Guyana where every citizen has equal access to opportunities, and where the rule of law is upheld.

On this Phagwah, let us renew our commitment to unity, justice, and progress. Let us stand together, in solidarity, to demand a better future for ourselves and for generations to come. Let us use this festival as a platform to inspire hope, to promote peace, and to spread love and joy.

Happy Phagwah to all Guyanese and May this festival bring us closer to our shared goal of a better Guyana.



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