Please see full statement below from Geeta Chandan -Edmond, Member of Parliament and Attorney-at-Law:

I have noted, with great concern, pronouncements made at a public meeting hosted by the Working Peoples Alliance (WPA) on Thursday 09th March at the village of Buxton.

Some of the speakers communicated sentiments which must be strongly condemned since they can lead to public disorder and anarchy in an already ethnically-inflamed environment. As Guyanese, we must move swiftly to initiate mature dialogue aimed at promoting harmony, tolerance and trust.

I wish to publicly disassociate myself from the inflammatory statements and call for responsible actions and commentaries, from politicians, civil society and activists alike. There must be a stronger national effort to build a unified nation.

I call for all national development to be placed in a context where all Guyanese must be assured of equitable treatment and worthy participation in the developmental process.



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