As the Government of Guyana forges ahead with measures to combat floods, especially in the face of the growing effects of climate change, Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha today overlooked the signing of a major contract between General Engineering Supplies and Services and the ministry’s Agriculture Sector Development Unit (ASDU).

That contract, to the tune of $1.28B was signed in the presence of the media in the Ministry of Agriculture’s boardroom.

The contract caters for the rehabilitation of the Liliendaal and Ogle Drainage Catchment areas in Region Four.  This project forms part of the ministry’s Flood Risk Management Project. It is geared towards improving drainage in the coastal areas and therefore reducing the nation’s vulnerability to floods. Along with Region Four residents, commercial and industrial business owners as well as farmers are slated to benefit tremendously.

Other contracts were also signed today.

CEMOCO also signed a contract with ASDU to supervise the rehabilitation works at Ogle and Liliendaal.

The National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) also signed a contract with Agrosol to the tune of $185M. This is for the construction of 100 tunnel houses.

The National Drainage and Irrigation Agency (NDIA) also signed contracts for the construction of a drainage structure at Palmyra and a revetment along the Lamaha Canal in Georgetown.

Minister Mustapha while offering remarks said the projects that will be executed form part of the government’s overall development agenda for the sector.


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