The two men who recently assaulted a Fort Wellington teacher have been hauled before the courts and placed on $15,000 bail each. They were arraigned virtually at the Fort Wellington Magistrate’s Court.

The duo, Trey McPherson and Dishon Daniels appeared before Magistrate Peter Hugh and pleaded not guilty to the offence of assault causing actual bodily harm. The men will make their next court appearance on March 30, 2023.

The victim told detectives in the district that he was assaulted and threatened by one of his students, the child’s uncle, and four men at the Fort Wellington Secondary School. He told detectives too that the attack stemmed reportedly from an incident in which the student hurled homophobic remarks at him. The student, and several others, were taken to the Principal’s office and punished.

This resulted in the student promising to return with his uncle, who eventually came with others, and began assaulting the teacher at a copy shop in proximity to the school.

Speaking to Guyana Standard earlier this week, General Secretary of the Union, Corretta McDonald expressed utter disdain at the fact that another teacher has been assaulted on school grounds.

She noted that despite the calls from the union for added security to schools across the nation, there has not been no response or action on this front from the Ministry of Education.


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