The Guyana Police Force has again been roasted by the US State Department for what it considered to be blatant acts of corruption among its own rank and file. This was highlighted in the annual State Department’s Human Rights report.

The US office outlined that a number of infractions were recorded during the last year. From alleged criminal cover-ups, to acts of criminality, the department expressed worry regarding the extent to which the force investigated these occurrences.

“In August, Police Officer Dion Bascom alleged that a businessman bribed members of the Guyana Police Force to foil an investigation into an execution-style killing of Ricardo Fagundes, a gold miner. As of October, (2022) police had not investigated Bascom’s claims,” the report highlighted.

Among the examples outlined in the report, the department said there were cases of public figures committing arbitrary or unlawful killings. It stated, “In May 2022, police shot and killed Deanraj Singh. Police officials alleged that Singh was killed during an exchange of gunfire with police. As of October 31, (2022) police were investigating the case.”

Another notable mention was the murder of Quindon Bacchus, who police alleged was killed during a sting operation on the East Coast of Demerara. That officer however is currently before the courts for the indictable charge of murder.

“During the operation, Bacchus shot at the officers, who returned fire, resulting in Bacchus’s death. In July (2022) authorities arrested police officer Kristoff Denobrega and charged him with the murder of Bacchus. As of October 31, (2022) no date had been set for his trial,” the report stated.

Meanwhile, the state department highlighted that a significant number human rights were violated during the last year. The department said too that laws that criminalize consensual same-sex sexual conduct between adult men, and child labour were not enforced.


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