Local company, ESSEQUIBO Quarry Inc is now one step closer to kickstarting its multi-million quarry operation at Look Out, East Bank Essequibo (EBE), Region Three (Essequibo Islands/West Demerara) following the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s recent review of possible project impacts. Having reviewed the project summary submitted by the company, the EPA has deemed the operation to have no potentially significant impacts, which is outlined in its justification summary.

In the summary submitted to the EPA, the company noted that the quarry project which aims to provide stockpiling of quarriable materials including sand, loam, stone and laterite, especially to the local market, will occupy 1.538 acres of land. Further, it is noted that the closest residents which occupy about 10-15 houses are situated approximately 100 meters south of the project.

In the justification summary, the environmental regulator said, ” The EPA concludes that there are no identifiable potential significant impacts likely to be generated from the Project since the project location is suitable for the intended project type.” It further noted that any impacts arising from the construction and operational phases of the quarry project are “minor, localized, acceptable and mitigable” and the company’s application and supporting documents submitted show adequate mitigation measures to reduce the impacts that the project may have on the environment.

Some of the potential impacts identified were dust nuisance during the operational phase of the project, noise and vibrations during the construction and operational activities such as the movement of heavy-duty vehicles, potential flooding as the eastern boundary of the proposed project site is bordered by the Essequibo River that is separated by a low seawall; and surface water as runoff from the stockpile may flow into the immediate drainage system and may alter the water quality.

The company has however outlined in its project summary, mitigation measures for each worst-case scenario.

Additionally, the EPA has noted that the company will be required to uphold international standards and best practices of the mining industry throughout the implementation of its environmental management practices. This will provide safeguards concerning the potential impacts which were identified.

The project is the brainchild of local investor Lakeram Harridat and its execution will see an investment of US$11M being utilized.


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