The Regional Democratic Council of the Demerara/Mahaica Region (Region #4) has taken action against the former Clerk of Council/Regional Executive Officer (REO) Donald Gajraj, by successfully passing a Motion of Removal.

According to the opposition’s spokesperson on Local Government and Regional Development, Ganesh Mahipaul, the council has spoken and its decision to remove Gajraj must be respected and upheld.

The Member of Parliament (MP) is urging the government to recognize the authority of the Regional Democratic Council and facilitate the smooth removal of Gajraj, warning that failure to do so would be a “blatant disregard for the will of the people and would set a dangerous precedent for the erosion of democracy”.

“The people of the Demerara/Mahaica Region deserve to have their voices heard, and it is the responsibility of the Government to honour the decision of their elected representatives. Any attempt to undermine or disregard the decision of the Regional Democratic Council would be a grave injustice to the people of the region and a threat to the democratic principles that our society is built upon.

Let us stand together in defence of democracy, and call on the Government to take swift and decisive action in facilitating the removal of Mr. Gajraj, in accordance with the decision of the Regional Democratic Council of the Demerara/Mahaica Region,” Mahipaul said.

Gajraj found himself in hot water earlier this year over accusation of him deliberately refusing to be forthcoming about the details of various projects in the region. He was also accused of assault by the Region Four Chairman, Daniel Seeram, after a microphone-snatching incident at a public event last month.



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