The Guyana Prison Service today announced that a total of 689 inmates who were housed in the holding bay of the Lusignan Prison have all been moved to a new corrections facility in the penitentiary.

The relocation according to Prison Service Management was a “monumental task” that followed the completion of the three new state-of-the-art prisons.

“This transfer required tremendous forethought and coordination given the logistics and security concerns,” Director of Prisons, Nicklon Elliot said during a visit earlier today.

He continued, “Ensuring a safe and secure move to our new state-of-the-art corrections facilities were a monumental task and we congratulate everyone involved on a job well done.”

He further noted that the new facilities were built in keeping with international requirements, and is a commitment of the Government of Guyana and by extension the Ministry of Home Affairs, following the destruction of sections of the Georgetown and the old Lusignan prisons.

It also forms part of the administration’s manifesto promise to create safer prisons with improved conditions for both staff and prisoners.

Guyana Standard understands that prisoners are now housed in a dormitory-style setting furnished with beds and mattresses, unlike the holding bay facility. The facilities also feature a fire suppression system with adequate access to water.

“The new facilities will offer improved living conditions for prisoners and a more comfortable environment”, the Prison Director said.

Elliot noted that the question of overcrowding is no longer a concern. Over the years Guyana’s prison population stood at some 30 to 38 per cent over capacity. Further, the new facilities will provide new programming opportunities, aimed to help individuals better re-enter society.


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