A psychiatric evaluation has been ordered for recently convicted rapist, Gabriella Allen, after she was found guilty of taking advantage of several young girls.

In one of the victim’s impact statements, the mother of the child outlined very vivid details about the child’s changed behavior following the incident. She noted that the incident has left her daughter with deep psychological issues. The mother, who appeared distraught, told the court that she is now fearful to leave her daughter in the care of people given her emotional scars.

Allen, called “Gabby,” made another court appearance before Demerara Sexual Offences Court Judge Priya Sewnarine-Beharry yesterday. She was scheduled to be sentenced but due to the evaluation requested, time has been granted for this to be completed before the final ruling.

Guyana Standard understands that Allen maintained her innocence during an interview with a probation officer. She claimed that the allegations formed part of a “set up” as she does not know the victims personally. Her probation report outlined that she had a rough childhood as well. She was forced to be on her own at 15 years of age. Allen also related to officials that she was physically and verbally abused by her mother.

Allen was found unanimously guilty by a jury of the offence of rape of a child under 16. According to reports, Allen was arrested on August 15, 2021 after a rape allegation was made against her to the police which prompted an investigation to be launched. Prior to her incarceration, Allen was employed at a daycare center.


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