The outgoing United States (US) Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch, has underscored the instrumental role played by the US Embassy’s economic team in attracting strategic investments from American companies to Guyana. This was given particular notice during her speech at a farewell ceremony held last Friday.

The envoy emphasized that through extensive efforts, including phone calls, webinars, and trade missions, the embassy successfully facilitated the entry of nearly 100 US companies into the Guyanese market. These significant investments she said, have yielded remarkable outcomes, creating thousands of new job opportunities for Guyanese citizens, thus fueling economic growth and fostering positive change within local communities.

Lynch remarked, “Four years ago, there were only a handful of U.S. companies here; today, we are approaching 100. These companies encompass a diverse range of sizes and sectors, including family-owned businesses, all venturing into Guyana for the first time. As a result of these investments, thousands of Guyanese now have new employment prospects, and young professionals are taking the lead in shaping their careers here in Guyana.”

She commended the companies brought to Guyana by the embassy, while recognizing their proactive efforts in promoting safety, and health and cultivating workplaces free from harassment or bullying. Furthermore, she noted that these companies have actively engaged with local communities, demonstrating their commitment to corporate social responsibility. Lynch also expressed her pride in their exemplary work, charitable initiatives, creative endeavours, and the partnerships they have established with Guyanese firms and employees.

Moreover, the outgoing Ambassador highlighted the collaborative efforts between the US and Guyana in improving social services, with US experts actively contributing their expertise to identify and implement targeted enhancements. This concerted endeavour she said has led to a threefold increase in bilateral trade, surpassing US$3B, thereby making the United States the largest trading partner for Guyana. She indicated that these investments not only contribute to the country’s economic growth but also attract investors keen on bringing further value-added activities to Guyana’s shores.

While acknowledging the significance of trade figures, Lynch also emphasized the positive outcomes resulting from the training provided to aspiring entrepreneurs, the creation of numerous job opportunities for Guyanese citizens, and the influx of foreign investments into the country. These developments have already begun to yield tangible benefits, she said, with more positive results expected to follow in the future.

Lynch was also adamant in relaying the remarkable achievements and strengthened partnership between the United States and Guyana over the past four years, noting that there was a positive impact on governance, prosperity, and security resulting from the collaborative efforts of both nations.

She firmly asserted that her tenure was indeed one characterized by the advancement of democracy, increased investments, and enhanced security cooperation. She said these were significant accomplishments that solidify the US as a key ally and partner for Guyana and the wider Caribbean region.


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