A businesswoman is awaiting the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to set up a $50M funeral parlour in Bartica. According to project documents reviewed by Guyana Standard, Sinead John is listed as the Manager of “Luborn Funeral Home” which will be developed at 5 Miles Potara Road, Bartica.

The EPA was informed that this project will have a significant social and economic impact on the country, and more specifically, the community of 5 Miles, Bartica.

The funeral parlour is expected to provide several services one of which includes having state-of-the-art Storage Temperature and Storage Equipment.

The documents state that  bodies suspected of harbouring infectious disease will be contained within a body bag of approved construction which is durable and impermeable to body fluids. These body bags will be used in case of infectious/decomposition, trauma or suspicious deaths.

The businesswoman also intends to have a rigid Training and Developmental Programme in place. In this regard, it was explained that new staff shall have an induction programme, covering the skills required to do their job and to comply with the occupational health and safety requirements of the mortuary.

The funeral home is also expected to be outfitted with its own hoarse which will be used only on funeral days. A pick-up vehicle will be used to transport all bodies from pick-up location to the funeral home for storage.


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