The Alliance For Change (AFC), on the occasion of Guyana’s 57th Independence Anniversary, is calling for a national policy that promotes and protects the welfare and well-being of the country’s children. The call comes on the heels of the devastating Mahdia Secondary School dormitory fire that claimed the lives of 19 children and injured close to a dozen.

“On this Independence Anniversary, as we reflect on the lives of those who perished in the fire, we are ever more conscious of the challenges facing our brothers and sisters in the hinterland regions and our children in general. From reckless drivers on our roadways to physical assaults in schools and school dorms that are ill-equipped to deal with emergencies, our nation’s children are not safe,” the AFC said earlier today.

It added that stricter penalties must be put in place for persons who inflict or attempt to cause harm to children.

“Persons who endanger the life of a minor must feel the full brunt of the law. Safe schools and dorms must be an immediate priority along with safe roadways. We cannot be the fastest-growing economy in the world and our children are not safe! Guyana has come of age and our fortunes are fast changing. Collectively we have a responsibility to protect our children, our environment, and the sovereignty of our nation. Let us stand as a united people resolute in our determination that we will not sit on the sidelines and allow a few to dictate our nation’s future,” the party concluded.


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