Dear Editor,

For three days this nation has mourned the senseless death of 19 children…the worst tragedy to ever behold Guyana.

The three days of mourning have ended and I am disgraced as a Guyanese, as someone with a voice, as a father, that no one has been held accountable or taken responsibility for what has happened.

These young girls were in the trusted care of the state, it was the sole responsibility of the government to keep our children healthy, safe, and ensure every measure is in place to protect them.

A fire can start for any reason, so where was the fire escape? Where were the smoke detectors?Where were the fire extinguishers? Where was the sprinkler system? Why was that building locked like a cage, even after previous warnings? Why did the fire service show up unprepared? Why was the hospital in Mahdia ill-equipped to handle the children that needed emergency care?

This is not the first, second, or third school to burn to the ground within the last 2 years. The government knew this was an imminent possibility; we all did, and yet nothing was done.

The government has something called a “duty of care” for those children, their families left them in the care of the state hoping they will have a chance for a better future, be educated, and most of all BE SAFE! Those families will never see their children again, as a father, I cannot accept this….

We have all stood by and said nothing for long enough.
I will be on the road peacefully protesting again this Monday(29th May) from 11am, infront of ‘office of the president’ on Vlissengen road(opposite Castellani house). All are welcome to join.

My call is for those responsible for keeping our schools and our children safe, to be held accountable for what has happened in Mahdia.

The ministers responsible should step down until the investigation is completed.

If you wish to join me, please understand that this is not a political protest, I am doing this in my personal capacity.

Kian Jabour


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