The government’s long-term investments in the water sector have led to significant improvements in the quality and availability of potable water throughout the nation, according to Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony. Speaking at a health fair organized to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), Dr. Anthony highlighted the transformative impact of government initiatives aimed at enhancing water quality.

Over the past 21 years, the government has made substantial investments in improving water infrastructure, not only ensuring the provision of water but also prioritizing the supply of treated water. Dr. Anthony emphasized the crucial role of clean water accessibility, noting that in previous years, waterborne diseases were widespread, particularly during certain periods. However, thanks to the provision of treated water to a significant portion of the population, the prevalence of these diseases has significantly declined.

Dr. Anthony commended the collaborative efforts between various agencies and the central government in achieving the common goal of delivering reliable water supply and enhancing public health. He also emphasized the importance of cooperation between entities and the government to further improve the overall health of the population.

Since assuming office in 2020, the current government has facilitated the first-time or improved access to potable water for approximately 50,000 individuals. In line with this commitment, the 2023 National Budget allocated $16.045 billion towards the Water Service Improvement and Management Programme under the Ministry of Housing and Water. (Department of Public Information)


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