This initiative specifically benefitted individuals occupying lands in Kwakwani Housing Scheme (Phase One, Two, and Three), Park-Potville and Chine Lane.

Minister Croal handing over the document to a recipient

The outreach was spearheaded by Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal, who emphasised the significance of the exercise, as it marked the beginning of regularising the area.

The outreach was conducted in Kwakwani, Region Ten

Minister Croal explained that the housing area has been inhabited by residents for several years, but no official ownership documents were issued. In an effort to resolve the issue, he said the area was transferred to the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) and the occupational survey conducted.

Those incorporated into the existing plan were able to process their ownership documents, while another exercise will be conducted to accommodate persons who fall outside of the plan.

“We have up to 200 persons who can sign to commence the process for their agreements of sale and to the processing of the certificates of title that can be done totally from those three areas,” he said.

The minister affirmed that this initiative is in alignment with the national housing programme of the PPP/C government, which aims to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing for all Guyanese.

“We want to bring betterment to the people… we want to have you living in homes that you can call yours…to have you living on a land that you can pass on to your children for generations to come,” he noted.

The Chief Executive Officer of the CHPA, Sherwyn Greaves was also present at the event. He reassured the residents that the agency is committed to addressing all housing matters in Kwakwani promptly and efficiently.

Greaves further explained that once individuals receive their ownership documents, they will have the opportunity to apply for the Cement and Steel Subsidy. This subsidy will enable them to commence the construction of their homes, providing further support towards their housing needs.

Meanwhile, a number of residents who successfully completed the process were able to receive their certificates of title during the activity. (Department of Public Information)


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