The Guyana Police Force has reported that four male students, aged between 11 and 16 years old, have confessed to setting fire to St. Angela’s Girls’ Hostel in Karasabai Village, South Pakarimas on Thursday morning.

The incident occurred between 02:30 and 3:00hrs. Fortunately, all the female students residing in the hostel managed to escape to safety as an alarm was raised, prompting a swift response from the local police station and villagers.

Upon arrival, the police and villagers formed a bucket brigade to battle the flames, successfully extinguishing the fire before it could cause further damage. However, a significant portion of the building was already ravaged by the inferno.

Following the incident, the four male students believed to be responsible for the arson attack were apprehended and brought in for questioning. In a crucial breakthrough, the suspects confessed to both planning and executing the crime during their interviews with the police. Present at the interrogations were the Commander of Region #9, the Regional Education Officer for Region #9, as well as the parents of the alleged perpetrators.

Law enforcement authorities have taken the four students into custody to assist with further investigations into the incident.


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