The Together We Win Business Network (TWWBN), an alliance representing small businesses in Guyana, is set to host an esteemed Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Investment Conference from July 14-16, 2023. This highly anticipated event will take place at the prestigious Police Training Centre, and is expected to attract a gathering of over 250 participants hailing from more than seven diverse nations.image.png

TWWBN has affirmed that this international congregation will undoubtedly amplify the prospects for every attending institution, entrepreneur, and investor, fostering unparalleled opportunities on a global scale.

Distinguished guests will be granted a unique occasion to present a concise, one-minute business pitch, which can be expertly facilitated by any of the 15+ acclaimed speakers scheduled to grace the event. These seasoned industry professionals boast exceptional international track records and possess the remarkable ability to forge meaningful connections.

Over the course of this three-day conference, emphasis will be placed on equipping participants with the indispensable knowledge, skills, and capabilities needed to engage in fruitful interactions with discerning investors and lending institutions.

Attendees will also be afforded the opportunity to explore and capitalize on “smart” partnerships, maximizing revenue while gaining a comprehensive understanding of Guyana’s Local Content Act. The event will also champion the importance of compliance, promote sustainable practices, and facilitate invaluable business-to-business interactions.

Among the speakers set to grace this occasion are Marlon Joseph, Founder & President of TWWBN; Kester Hutson, President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce & Industry; Jane Miller, British Ambassador to Guyana & Non-Resident Ambassador to Suriname; and Conrad Enill, High Commissioner from T&T to Guyana & Non-Resident Ambassador to Suriname.

TWWBN, which is driven by its core objective of establishing a robust and far-reaching professional network across the globe, has proudly designated this conference as the most significant Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Investment Conference in Guyana for the year 2023.


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