The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has “meticulously and precisely” complied with a High Court order to serve ExxonMobil’s local affiliate, Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL), with an enforcement notice requiring an unlimited parent and/or affiliate company guarantee for the Liza Phase One Project in the Stabroek Block.

So said Attorney-at-Law for the EPA, Sanjeev Datadin who also told Guyana Standard that the order was sent to EEPGL on May 9.

The order was issued in compliance with a ruling by High Court Judge, Justice Sandil Kissoon. That ruling was handed down on May 3, 2023.

Guyana Standard understands that the notice recites exactly the order made in the High Court while carrying a condition for withdrawal should its application for a stay be granted. The ruling on the appeal is expected to be issued on or before June 7.

Datadin said, “We have no fears that we are, as we said in court,  in full compliance with the order of court. We have even informed opposing counsel of our compliance. We await the ruling of the Court of Appeal which will guide further action in relation to the enforcement notice.”

The court case on unlimited parent guarantee was first filed September 2022 by Attorneys-at-Law Seenauth Jairam SC and Melinda Janki on behalf of Guyanese activists, Frederick Collins and Godfrey Whyte.

Justice Kissoon ruled that the Liza Phase One Permit calls for EEPGL to handle all costs associated with an oil spill and therefore made the order mentioned earlier. EEPGL has up to June 10 to comply or face the suspension of the Liza permit.

The EPA and EEPGL subsequently filed appeals for the order and the entire judgment to be thrown out. Attorney General, Anil Nandlall has filed an application to join both entities on the matter. He intends to argue that if the permit is suspended then Guyana would suffer grave economic loss. His application will be head June 22 before Justice Rishi Persaud.

The Liza Phase One Project is currently producing 151,000 barrels of oil. Its gas is also one of the key resources to be used in the gas-to-energy project set for start up next year.


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