Recognizing the unprecedented demand for aggregates in the construction sector, notably a direct domino effect of the oil and gas industry, Rexford Jackson, a Guyanese developer of Lot 31 Benn Street, Victoria, ECD has approached the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to review and hopefully approve his $211M quarry proposal.

According to the project summary published on the EPA’s website, Jackson told the regulator that the active Baichan quarry, which is located on the Corentyne river, is adjacent to the location of the proposed new quarry development. Specifically, the J-1040 quarry project site is located on the left bank of the Corentyne river, 160 km South of Skeldon, 100 km from Orealla and 320 km from Georgetown, with all distances measured along the riverain route.

The proposed project site encompasses 938 acres of land on one Mining Permit (MP), designated J-1040/MP/000.

Jackson said the initial focus for the development of the new quarry will, be on the extensive topographic highs in the central sector of the project area, where initial surveys have shown the presence of rock at and close to the surface.

Guyana Standard understands that the project is presently in the permitting stage at all relevant state agencies to obtain the permissions necessary to secure the Mining Permit for the area identified and the resources thereon.

The project is expected to produce 50,000 metric tons of aggregate and boulders per year in its initial capacity. This will increase when the project recovers capital expenditure and further invests in expanding production capacity.

Jackson also explained that the quarry outputs will be transported by barge down the Corentyne river to Skeldon, Corriverton, New Amsterdam, Georgetown and other points of demand. The quarry will produce mainly aggregate for the construction industry but will also be capable of producing armor layer, gabion, and boulders for sea defenses.

Jackson was also keen to note that the proposed project site is a good source for granitic rock, adding that this development will create significant positive impacts for the Government and the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), both of which will benefit through government taxes, fees, and duties.

The project is expected to generate approximately 80 jobs during construction and 40 jobs during operation.


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