Ramps Logistics Guyana has approached the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its blessings to construct a state-of-the-art housing facility at Lots 37 & 39 Area F Turkeyen. The property is located just off the Railway Embankment Road, north of the Arthur Chung Conference Centre and the Giftland Mall.

Guyana Standard understands that the project was envisioned and sponsored by Ramps Logistics Guyana, a leading supply chain management company in the Caribbean and Latin America. The company said it was inspired by the emerging oil sector in Guyana and the increasing demand for high quality accommodations for the growing number of expatriates and young Guyanese professionals currently working in Georgetown.

It was further noted that the name Sky House Guyana was inspired by the rooftop amenities to be provided by the complex as well as the views of the ocean. Ramps said the architecture of the building was done with a lot of emphasis to ensure it exemplified luxury given the nearby amenities and excellent location. It said the developmental budget for the project is US$5M and will be financed through a private bank loan.

Ramps said the apartment building will have 16 self‐ contained apartments, 4 on each floor and 25 car parking spaces on the ground floor. There will also be a gym, pool and green space on the roof top.

Each two bedroom apartment will be approximately 1200 sq.ft and each three bedroom apartment will be 1800 sq.ft.

The design life for the project is 30 years.


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