Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the alleged murder of 31-year-old Christopher Gonsalves, called “Whiteboy”, of Lot 291 Independence Boulevard, Georgetown.

He was reportedly killed by two male suspects who are currently hospitalized and under police guard.

The incident occurred on Monday at about 23:30hrs at a property located at Chalmers Place and Brickdam, Stabroek, Georgetown.

Investigations revealed that one of the suspects was at home watching television but was alerted by a scream coming from the bedroom which caused him to investigate. He then confronted Gonsalves, now deceased, in the kitchen and a scuffle ensued. Gonsalves was armed with a knife and dealt the suspect a stab to his chest, causing him to collapse.

According to the next suspect, he returned home on the date and time mentioned and as he entered the house, he saw his colleague lying on the kitchen floor. Gonsalves was reportedly standing over him with a knife. The suspect said he too armed himself with a knife.

Police said Gonsalves then rushed at the next suspect and a scuffle ensued. Gonsalves was reportedly stabbed to his upper right shoulder, lower left abdomen, and thrice to his back, causing him to collapse on the kitchen floor.

The suspect then raised an alarm and EMT from Alberttown Fire Service responded where the body of Christopher Gonsalves was examined, and he was pronounced dead by Dr. Kellman of the Georgetown Public Hospital.

The body was taken to the Memorial Funeral Home where it awaits a post-mortem examination.

As to the the first suspect, Guyana Standard understands that he received injuries to his upper chest, left and right index finger and right arm, while the second suspect received injuries to his right knuckles. They were taken to GPHC by the EMT, where they are presently seeking medical attention under police guard. Investigations continue.


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