See full statement below from the Office of the Leader of the Opposition:

President Irfaan Ali is utterly failing the grieving families and the nation of Guyana by shamefully dragging his feet on the establishment of the urgently needed Commission of Inquiry (COI) regarding the devastating Mahdia Inferno.

This tragic incident ruthlessly claimed the lives of 20 young individuals from Region #8, leaving their families and our entire nation in profound anguish. It is imperative that justice be expeditiously served to the grieving families and to Guyana as a whole.

The APNU+AFC, being fully aware of the gravity of the situation, has unequivocally expressed its unwavering support for the establishment of a COI that involves all stakeholders.

The COI must be credible and acceptable to all stakeholders. We stand ready to collaborate with the current regime to ensure that the commission comprises distinguished national and international individuals of impeccable repute, who will fearlessly delve into the heart-wrenching tragedy and unearth the truth.

Additionally, the APNU+AFC has clearly indicated our intent to actively participate in shaping the Terms of Reference for the COI. By doing so, we aim to ensure that the commission adequately addresses the pressing concerns of our nation and leaves no lingering doubts or unanswered questions in the minds of our citizens.

The perplexing question remains: why is President Irfaan Ali neglecting to accord the COI the urgent attention it rightly deserves? This baffling mystery has left everyone but the APNU+AFC side bewildered. We firmly believe that this crucial COI must be made a priority without delay. Therefore, we emphatically call upon the government to cease their indecisiveness and act responsibly by swiftly initiating the process to address this paramount issue.

It is time for President Irfaan Ali to cease his dithering and political maneuvering. It is imperative that the President hurtles to establish the COI.  The APNU+AFC firmly stands by this conviction and implores the government to finally do the right thing.


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