Guyana’s Chief Hydrometeorological Officer, Dr. Garvin Cummings was elected to serve on the Executive Council of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). This election occurred during the recently concluded 19th World Meteorological Congress in Geneva, Switzerland,

This is the first time since the International Meteorological Organization/World Meteorological Organization (IMO-WMO) was formed some 150 years ago that a Guyanese has been elected to serve on the Council.

The Executive Council is the highest decision-making body of the WMO, outside of the World Meteorological Congress.

Twenty-seven directors of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHS) were elected to serve on the Executive Council.

The Congress was held from May 22 to June 2, 2023, and saw officials assembling to discuss and determine the strategic direction of the Organization for the next four years.

The 19th Congress was considered a significant milestone in the history of the global hydrometeorological community as it also marked the 150th anniversary since the organization of the International Meteorological Organization and the WMO (IMO-WMO) was formed.

Director of the Argentine Meteorological Institute, Professor Celeste Saulo was also elected to serve as the Secretary General of the WMO. Dr. Saulo is the first female to be elected as Secretary General after previously serving in various capacities within the WMO framework and governance structure and will be tasked with leading the Secretariat of the WMO for the next financial period, 2024-2027.

The Congress also elected representatives to manage the organization over the next four years including its President, three Vice Presidents, and its Executive Council.

The WMO comprises 193 member states and territories.


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