The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) said it is ready to host the 2023 Local Government Elections on Monday, June 12, 2023. Assurances were today given by the body’s Chairwoman, Justice (retired) Claudette Singh and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Vishnu Persaud at a press conference aired on the state-run National Communications Network (NCN).

Justice Singh said that not only is the electoral machinery ready, but it is confident that this election will be implemented in accordance with the electoral laws. She further registered her confidence that polling will be done in a free, transparent and credible manner.

CEO Persaud echoed the sentiments expressed by Justice Singh, adding that the commission is “ahead of the game” in executing the body’s agreed-upon plan for the hosting of the event.

Monday will be the first time since the 2020 General and Regional Elections that Guyanese will head to the poll. Those elections caught international attention for its five-month delay in the issuance of results. It also holds the infamous reputation of being the “lengthiest electoral process in this part of the world”. That process was marred by allegations of rigging, back-to-back litigation, international condemnation and protest demonstrations.

At least three high-ranking electoral officials were charged, including Persaud’s predecessor, Keith Lowenfield.

The 2020 elections saw the incoming government scampering to amend electoral laws to include more stringent measures against those found guilty of rigging. Those persons risk life imprisonment and/or multimillion-dollar fines.


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