Leader of the Opposition, Aubrey Norton expressed confidence that his party will regain its control in several districts, including Georgetown. According to Norton, “We did the work… I am 99.9% confident that we will win in most constituencies.”

He further reiterated that despite the efforts of the current administration to take over Georgetown, residents will lodge a majority vote for the APNU.

During an interview with reporters, Norton was asked about the party not being able to contest in districts along the East Bank of Demerara. Norton responded, “At least three of those areas had problems. These included Little Diamond and from what I understand is that the Official list of nominees were submitted late so they were not allowed to contest.”

Norton contended however that despite the party’s inability to contest in most regions, its focus was to regain control over its strongholds. He noted too, “We were focused on protecting our strongholds from the People’s Progressive Party. So in terms of strategy, we thought it best to take our resources and focus it on where it was essential.”

Meanwhile, he expressed concerns following his experience voting in today’s Local Government Elections. Norton who cast his vote at the Plaisance Primary School, explained that based on observation, National Identifications Cards were not being shown fully to party agents.

He noted that after raising the concern with officials of the Guyana Elections Commission at the polling place, the issue was immediately rectified. Norton said the issue will be raised at the level of his party and all polling agents for the opposition will be notified about this anomaly.

“I told them that they have to allow polling agents and scrutineers to see the ID cards. They were staying at a distance  and showing it so no one could confirm whether it was the person voting… When I asked the scrutineers none of them could have seen it,” Norton said.


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