The Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) which observed the voting process in five of the 10 Administrative Regions at over 250 Polling Places for Local Government Elections, found it free, fair, transparent and conducted in an atmosphere of peace.

The Commission said it would like to commend the Polling Day staff of the Guyana Elections Commission, (GECOM), for the professional execution of their duties and the resulting efficiency of the process. The ERC said it is also thankful for the “exemplary” conduct displayed by polling agents from all sides, and police officers for their security role in ensuring smooth polling.

“The Commission also takes this opportunity to commend citizens for their participation in the incident-free poll and will continue to work to the best of its ability to aid the promotion of harmony and good relations.

“As the country awaits the final results, the Commission, guided by history, remains mindful that these circumstances can heighten anxieties and hopes the results will be announced within the shortest possible time, and be respected,” the ERC said.

The Commission added that it remains resolute that credible LGE is vital for the benefit of citizens and the eventual transformation of communities through local democracy – in the regions, villages and towns. It is urging all stakeholders to work assiduously to ensure that communities are developed in the interest of the people.

The ERC fielded an observer team of more than 50 members for Regions 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10.


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