The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) said it has made significant inroads into several A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) strongholds during yesterday’s Local Government Elections.

In a press briefing held today, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, the party’s General Secretary, acknowledged that while they may not have emerged as winners in areas such as Linden, Georgetown, and New Amsterdam, the notable increase in supporters from these regions is a remarkable accomplishment, considering APNU’s long-standing dominance.

“So in 2018, the PPP got 6813 votes in Georgetown and in these elections we got 12,256 votes, nearly doubling votes in Georgetown so that is major by any standard when you can increase votes so significantly,” Jagdeo noted. Highlighting the “phenomenal inroads” made in Georgetown, he revealed that the number of votes for the PPP/C in the city increased by almost 6,000.

Jagdeo also pointed out that in Linden, despite APNU’s victory, the PPP/C’s votes rose from 402 in 2018 to 2464 in 2023. “This is an over 500 percent increase in Linden. This is more than all the votes the ANUG (A New and United Guyana) got at the last General and Regional elections,” Jagdeo emphasised.

He further mentioned a significant increase in votes in Kwakwani, where the difference between APNU and the PPP/C was narrow. According to Jagdeo, the PPP/C secured two Proportional Representation seats and observed a vote increase of over 200 percent.

Regarding New Amsterdam, Jagdeo refuted APNU’s claim of having completely wiped out the PPP. He clarified that his party won three constituencies, while APNU won four. “This is a stronghold of the PNC. In 2018 they had 11 seats and PPP had three seats. In 2023, APNU will reduce to 8 seats and PPP will have 6 so we are almost neck and neck,” he pinpointed.

Jagdeo expressed his gratitude to PPP supporters for delivering a massive and historic victory for the party.

Overall, Jagdeo said the party secured 66 of the 80 Local Authority Areas and seven of the 10 towns.

Taking this into account, he said the PPP has made significant gains and inroads in regions where it was not traditionally strong, a testament to the hard work and dedication of its members and supporters across the country.


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