The comprehensive project involved the rehabilitation of two sets of thoroughfares spanning a total length of 1,400 metres.

The project which was awarded to Ideal Engineering in December last, saw the construction of 750 metres of concrete slipper drains on both sides of the road, along with the implementation of a robust road surface.

The roads were constructed with a foundation of six inches of cement-stabilised bauxite capping sub-base, in an effort to ensure durability and longevity.

This solid foundation was further reinforced with a layer of two-inch thick asphaltic concrete, providing a smooth and reliable surface for residents there.

Completed works in Central Kwakwani, Region Ten

During the construction, additional works were undertaken. Notably, four high-density polyethylene (HDPE) culverts were constructed, contributing to the efficient drainage system of the roads and preventing waterlogging during periods of heavy rainfall.

The added measures ensure the longevity of the infrastructure while minimising the risk of potential damage caused by water accumulation.

Additionally, the significance of the project extends beyond transportation convenience as the newly rehabilitated roads are strategically located near essential facilities, including schools, hospitals, health centres, playgrounds, police stations, and the market area.

As such, the overall quality of life of residents is greatly enhanced while accessibility to the area is significantly improved.

It will also bolster economic activities in the area, as residents and local businesses can now benefit from improved connectivity, reduced travel times, and enhanced access to essential services. (Department of Public Information)


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