Shadow Minister of Home Affairs, Geeta Chandan- Edmond is calling for a full investigation into the attempt to cover-up the alleged rape committed by Minister of Local Government, Nigel Dharamlall. Chandan- Edmond, a Member of Parliament (MP) said that all those involved should be charged with possible obstruction of justice.

Further, she echoed the call for the swift removal of Dharamlall from public office.

See full statement below:

The allegations of rape against the Minister of Local Government have moved to the level of the police. The victim has issued an official statement and it is being used as a basis for a police investigation. At this point, the Minister is officially a suspect and the victim is a Complainant. Based on the foregoing, good governance and justice  demand the following actions:

(1)  Since multiple reports on the matter are readily available to the President. He must act immediately with the urgency this matter demands.

(2) the Minister must be removed from  public office.

(3) by virtue of these allegations, the Minister is not fit for  public office in any capacity and must be immediately removed from Parliament.

(4) most notably, the purported settlement agreement in the form of a quasi nondisclosure agreement (NDA) should be subject of an investigation. Specifically, all involved should be investigated for the possible obstruction of justice.

(5)  importantly, the Office of Professional Responsibility should immediately commence an investigation into the actions of the Regional Commander, Khemraj Shivbaran.

All of these issues must be dealt with immediately and Justice must prevail and the rule of law must be adhered to.


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