Police in Region Seven are investigating the circumstances of an alleged murder committed on 32-year-old Calsen Joseph of Karaudarnau Village, Region Nine.

He is said to have been killed by a male suspect whom police have since arrested.

The incident occurred on Monday, June 19, 2023, about 17:00hrs at Puttering Backdam, Middle Mazaruni River.

Investigations disclosed that the victim and the suspect worked together on the same land dredging operation in the mentioned Backdam with others.

On the day in question, they all went to the landing and began imbibing alcohol. Around 14:00hrs as they were proceeding back to the camp, an argument ensued between the suspect and the victim which led to a fight.

They were eventually parted after which the victim allegedly dealt the suspect one slap which caused him to retaliate by hitting the victim to the head with a spanner.

In response, Joseph drew a knife from his waist and attempted to stab the suspect, but the suspect overpowered him, took said knife away and dealt the 32-year-old a stab to his lower left side rib cage which caused him to collapse and shortly after became motionless.

Upon arrival at the scene, the police observed the body of the victim lying on his back and when examined a single stab wound was observed to his left side about his rib area.

The suspect was arrested and is presently in custody and is being transported to Bartica, along with the body of the deceased to Bartica as investigations are underway.


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