Vice President, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo recently reminded of the government’s drive to achieve food security through enhanced production in the agricultural sector. During his press conference on Thursday last, Jagdeo noted that the government has several plans, including expanding the range of products currently being produced. “We resumed all the discussions we’ve had with India on developing all these spices and greater productivity in the rice sector and cane by maybe even doubling the output in these sectors,” he noted.

He also spoke about the administration’s plan for targeting production in specific areas like Port Kaituma. ” I said to them, why don’t we do more plantains here, and one lady said to me, we have a problem with the planting material. It’s too costly,” he said.

Jagdeo previously made assertions that the government is dedicated to supporting the development of agriculture in the hinterland areas. In fact, during a press conference in May, he revealed the government’s vision to establish citizen-operated factory shelves capable of producing flour from plantains and an array of other products for export to the Caribbean.

He said these facilities will be powered by solar panels. Jagdeo also noted that the government will provide plantain suckers to citizens, placing the cultivation responsibility in their hands.

Moreover, Jagdeo mentioned the government’s aspirations to cultivate products such as turmeric, black pepper, and honey in Region One for subsequent transportation and sale in Georgetown and emphasized that these specific products possess extended shelf lives, making them less susceptible to transportation challenges currently faced by the region.

“The most significant hurdle for the agricultural sector in Region One has always been transportation, particularly in moving goods to Georgetown,” Jagdeo had stated. However, he expressed optimism regarding the recently commissioned M.V Ma Lisha, which will play a pivotal role in improving trade and transportation services and is expected to cut travel time in half.


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