Nine opposition Members of Parliament (MP), one former legislator and more than 70 top government officials have failed to make their mandatory declarations to the Integrity Commission, pursuant to Section 19 of the Integrity Commission Act.

The Commission’s publication of the list comes on the heels of Vice-President Bharrat Jagdeo calling on the body to make known the defaulters. He also warned that government officials who fail to honour their obligation could lose their jobs.

The default specified persons in public life are requested to submit their 2022 Declaration Form on or before July 31, 2023. Continued failure to file will now constituted an offence as per Section 22 of the Commission’s Act No. 1997. The offence stipulates in Section 22 a fine of twenty-five thousand Guyana Dollars (GYD $25,000) or imprisonment for a term of not less than six months nor more than one year. Further failure constitutes a continuing offence and the person will be fined ten thousand Guyana Dollars (GYD $10,000) for each day the offence continues.

As at June 16, 2023, the following persons in public life failed to submit their declaration to the Integrity Commission for the 2022 declaration’s period (1st July, 2021 to 30 June 2022):

Members of Parliament For 2022 (Current & Former)

1. Hon. Lt. Col (Ret’d) Joseph F. Harmon, M.S.M., Former Leader of the Opposition, M.P.

2. Hon. Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan, M.P.

3. Hon. Ms. Dawn Hastings-Williams, M.P.

4. Hon. Dr. Nicolette O. Henry, M.P.

5. Hon. Dr. Karen Cummings, M.P.

6. Hon. Mr. Sherod A. Duncan, M.P.

7. Hon. Mr. Shurwayne F. K. Holder, M.P.

8. Hon. Mr. Deonarine Ramsaroop., M.P

9. Hon. Mr. Vinceroy H. Jordan.,

10. Hon. Mr. Devin L. Sears, M.P.

Parliament Building/National Assembly For 2022

11. Ms. Sonia Maxwell- Head of Committees

Ministry of Agriculture

12. Mr. George Jervis- Chief Technical Officer 13. Dr. Mark Pierre- Agricultural Health & Food Safety Specialist

14. Mrs Natasha Beerjit-Deonarine- Director of Planning

Ministry of Amerindian Affairs

15. Mr. Ryan Toolsiram- Permanent Secretary (ag)

16. Mr. Anil Roberts- Principal Regional Development Officer 17. Mr. Besham Ramsaywack- Programme Co-ordinator

18. Ms. Claire Emanuel- Administrator, Amerindian Residence

19. Mr. Christopher Sookdeo- Senior Social Worker, Hinterland Scholarship Students’ Dormitory

Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports

20. Ms. Tamika Boatswain- Director of Culture (ag)

21. Ms. Nadia Carter- Archivist, National Archives

22. Ms. Cardiss Dick- Administrator, Sophia Training Centre

23. Mr. Sherwin Moore- Chief Maintenance Engineer 24. Trevor Williams- Operations Manager-National Track & Field

25. Mr. Emrys Wilson- Principal Assistant Secretary (F)

Ministry of Finance

26. Mr. Miguel Choo-Kang- Department Head, Project Cycle Management Division

27. Mr. Donald Delou- Department Head, Project Cycle Management Division

28. Mr. Othniel Browman- Deputy Director IFMIS

29. Mr. Julian Barrington- Senior Valuation Officer

30. Ms. Donita Fedee- Director, Student Loan Agency

National Procurement & Tender Administration Board

31. Mr. Arvind Parag- Chief Executive Officer

32. Mr. Lloyd Mark Conway- Board of Director, Member -Police Service Commission

33. Mr. Desmond Mohamed- Board of Director/Deputy Chairman

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation

34. H.E. Mr. George Talbot- Guyana’s Ambassador to CARICOM, Department of Americas

35. Mr. Forbes July- Principal Foreign Service Officer 1, Department of International Cooperation

36. Ms. Donnette Streete- Senior Foreign Service Officer 1. Frontiers

37. Mr. Rodger King- Consul General-Brazil and Regional Councillor at Region No. 9

38. H.E. Ms. Choo An Yin- Ambassador to Beijing, China

39. H.E. Mr. Charrandass Persaud- High Commissioner, Guyana High Commission

40. Mrs. Mitradevi Ali- Consul General- Suriname

Ministry of Health

41. Dr. Narine Singh- Chief Medical Officer

42. Mr. Rudolph Small-Chief Executive Officer, Linden Hospital Complex

43. Dr. Marlan Cole- Director Food & Drugs Department

44. Dr. Julian Amsterdam- Director Standard & Technical Services

45. Dr. Ariane Mangar- Director, Rehabilitation Services Ministry of Home Affair

46. Mrs. Eureka Duncan- Principal Personnel Offier

47. Mr. Mark Amin- Head, Information Systems

48. Ms. Shondell Mayers-Principal Assistant Secretary (F)

49. Mr. Sievewright Benjamin-Administrator, Utility Services Unit

50. Mrs. Holly Ann Fraser-Manager, Procurement Unit

24 JUNE 2023 Ministry of Housing & Water

51. Mr. Rawle Aaron-Community Liaison Officer

Ministry of Human Services & Social Security 52. Mrs. Tanzia Bollers-Principal Assistant Secretary (G)

53. Mr. Whentworth Tanner-Director of Social Services

54. Mrs. Abike Benjamin Samuels-Deputy Director of Social Services 55. Mr. Mahendra Thakurdatt-Assistant Chief Probation & Social Services Officer

56. Mr. Philip Anthony-Manager Family Support

57. Ms. Concheeta Gray-Manager, Early Childhood Development

58. Mrs. Melissa Gentle-Manager Care Centre

Ministry of Labour

59. Ms. Gweneth P. King- Occupational Safety and Health Consultant 60. Mr. Peter Alistair Changa-System Development Officer

61. Mr. Vickash Rajiv Basdeo-Procurement Officer

Ministry of Legal Affairs

62. Mr. Nigel Hawke- Solictor General

Ministry of Local Government & Regional Development

63. Mr. Bramhanand Singh-Special Project Officer

64. Mr. Michael Blackman-Manager Procurement Unit

65. Ms. Samantha Jarvis-Wright-Chief Accountant

66. Ms. Naleni Ramotar-Registry Supervisor (ag)

67. Mr. Surendra Khayyam-Principal Regional Development Officer

Ministry of Natural Resources

68. Mr. Daniel Fraser- Senior Regional Coordinator

69. Mr. Martin Pertab-Director of the Local Content Secretariat

Ministry of Public Service

70. Mr. James Cole- Deputy Permanent Secretary

71. Ms. Bibi Rameeza Mullah-Chief Personnel Officer

72. Ms. Deomattic Seeram-Manager, Scholarships Unit

73. NA

Ministry of Public Works

74. Mr. Vladim Persaud- Permanent Secretary

75. Mr. Ron Rahaman-Chief Roads and Bridges Officer

76. Mr. Kevin Samad-Chief Sea & River Defence Officer

77. Mr. Patrick Thompson-Chief Transport Planning Officer

78. Mr. Collin Gittens-Engineer (Civil)

79. Mr. Kester Hinds-Manager-Traffic/Safety/Maintenance

80. Mr. Andy Mahadeo-Procurement & Contracts Manager

Ministry of Tourism

81. Mrs. Nicola Namdeo- Director of Commerce

82. Mrs. Tameca Sukhdeo-Singh-Administrator

83. Mrs. Karen Vansluytman-Corbin-Chief Administrative Officer

84. Ms. Vanessa Thompson-CEO (ag) Small Business Bureau

Office of the Prime Minister

85. Mr. Andre Griffith- Director, Telecommunication Agency


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