Last Saturday, at 13:30hrs, a patrol from the 31 Special Forces Squadron was deployed on a search and rescue mission in Chinoweing, Region 7 ( Cuyuni/Mazaruni ), following a missing persons report lodged by residents of the village.

The residents reported that the family of three: 68-year-old Jerine George, 19-year-old Cenoriza George and her two-year-old son Vel George were last seen on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, at 05:00hrs when they departed Phillipai for Chinoweing on foot – a journey that usually takes less than a day.

Having not arrived at Chinoweing on Wednesday afternoon, the residents sent out a search party but failed to locate them.

The GDF patrol was inserted at Chi Chi by the GDF Skyvan, and following three hours of searching, the three missing villagers were found.

They were assessed by the GDF medics, found to be in good health, and were escorted back to Chinoweing.


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