In response to several claims of error, the Integrity Commission has issued a statement reaffirming its commitment to the accuracy and transparency of its operations. The commission emphasized that its recently published Defaulters List, which identifies officers who failed to submit their 2022 declarations by the June 16, 2023 deadline, remains valid.

Guided by the Commission’s Act No. 20 of 1997, the Defaulters List, released on June 24, 2023, accurately reflected the information available up to June 14, 2023, the body said.

The commission said it followed a “diligent” procedure to inform these officers of their obligation, which included sending declaration packages, extending submission dates, dispatching reminder letters, and even publishing a paid reminder advertisement to emphasize the deadline.

It is worth noting that the declaration submission deadline for the year 2022 was initially set for August 31, 2022, with a subsequent extension granted until December 31, 2022. Specified officers who failed to submit their declarations by June 16, 2023, were listed as defaulters as mandated by the commission’s Act No. 20 of 1997. The commission also clarified that some of those declarants who submitted after the cut-off period are now “misleading” the public by implying that their compliance was not recognized.

The Integrity Commission is currently in the process of updating its records to include the declarations received after June 16, 2023. As part of the second phase of its mandate, a revised list will be prepared to reflect these submissions.

The commission emphasized the importance of timely declaration submissions by specified officers. By adhering to the prescribed deadlines set forth by the Integrity Commission, officers can avoid having their names published as defaulters. It is essential for all officers to fulfill their obligations and maintain compliance with the Commission’s regulations, the body said.


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