In its continued effort to improve the quality of businesses and standardise Guyana’s market, the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) has opened applications for its upcoming training courses in July.

The two sets of courses are aimed at helping business owners to increase their competence, knowledge, and skills, as well as improve their processes, boosting their productivity and performance.

The first course which is implementing and documenting the International Standards Organisation (ISO) of the 9001 Quality Management Standard (QMS), will help businesses to consistently provide products and services that meet the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements for their customers. This course will run from July 10to 12.

Meanwhile, the second course is ‘Process Mapping’ which entails a concise overview of how a process works in the business industry.

This aspect enables persons to develop three types of process maps; the organisation level relationship map, the process level cross-functional process map, and the activity-level flowchart.

Participants can use these techniques to assess, diagnose, and improve workflow, thus identifying and eliminating waste and non-productive activities in the business sector. The course will be held on July 13 and 14.

Both courses will be held at the GNBS training room at Exhibition Site, Sophia, Greater Georgetown, and will be conducted by competent persons.

GNBS said the courses are open to all businesses and organisations, regardless of size and location.

Persons can register on the GNBS website at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected] “‌”) or can contact the bureau on telephone number 219-006566 or on WhatsApp at 692-4627. (DPI)


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