Junior Housing and Water Minister, Susan Rodrigues has initiated the process for the first phase of the Hinterland Housing Program to commence in Sand Creek, Region 9.


On Saturday, Minister Rodrigues, during a meeting at Sand Creek, made the announcement, as she handed over quotation forms to the Village Council for construction materials.

In her address to the residents of Sand Creek, Minister Rodrigues said she’s pleased at being able to deliver on commitments made by the Administration.

Hon. Susan Rodrigues, Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water (right) and Permanent Secretary, Mr. Andre Ally (left)

She stated that 90 percent of the manifesto promises have already been accomplished and the Housing and Water Ministry has also been delivering. Specific to Sand Creek, 20 families including a few senior citizens from the village will benefit from the housing program.

“Your government remains dedicated to resolving challenges and meeting the needs of the community”.

The houses will be built with 5 workers, 2 skilled persons that the program pays for and 3 labourers that the beneficiary of the house will provide. Beneficiary selection will be done by the Village Council.

She also shared some insight from a recent Toshaos Conference held in Lethem and Region 9. The conference covered the government’s comprehensive plan for water infrastructure development in the region.
Notably, 40 new wells have been drilled throughout a number of Hinterland communities, leading to increased coverage in access to potable water.

“The government is committed to investing in resilient and sustainable development across various sectors, including education, healthcare, housing and water”.

Some of the Sand Creek Residents gathered at the meeting

Also, during the engagement the Minister, was joined by Permanent Secretary Mr. Andre Ally, Regional Chairman, Mr. Brian Allicock, GWI’s Hinterland Services Director, Mr. Ramchand Jailal, Toshaos Bernadine Fernandes and residents of the Community to commission a $15 M water supply system.

The water system boasts of solar panels and a new pump system, which will ensure 95 percent of residents get access to potable water. This is in addition to an extended service, scheduled to be operational by the end of August. Sand Creek now boasts three wells, with the pump system estimated to last 20 years. (Ministry of Housing and Water)


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