Forty-eight-year-old Bibi Naseefa Baksh, a housewife of Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara, was reportedly beaten to death by her partner early this morning.
Police are currently looking for the 29-year-old suspect, Shivnand Henry, a fisherman/labourer.
The Police reported that Baksh and Henry shared a relationship and were living together at their Uitvlugt home with the suspect’s 61-year-old mother and the victim’s 12-year-old daughter.
It is alleged that between 04:30 hours and 05:30 hours on Sunday, while imbibing, Baksh and Henry had an argument. This led to the suspect beating Baksh, kicking her down a wooden stairs and dragging her to the roadway, where he dealt her several kicks and lashes with a piece of wood about her body.
After the alleged beating, the suspect and the victim’s 12-year-old daughter assisted Baksh back into the house. The woman was taken to her room and helped onto the bed. A short while after, Baksh was observed to be motionless.
While the suspect escaped, Baksh’s daughter raised an alarm.
On arrival, police observed the woman lying motionless in the bedroom. It was reported that abrasions were seen on the woman’s forehead, shoulder, arms and knees. The scene was then processed and photographed by investigators.
Baksh’s body was escorted to the Leonora Cottage Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Her body was then taken to the Ezekiel Funeral Home, awaiting a post-mortem examination
Investigations are continuing.
The photograph attached is that of Shivnand Henry who remains on the run.


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